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Social media, social media ... and social media!

An essential marketing activity for any modern organization. No matter what industry you operate in or at what scale, you are somehow connected to it since your customers are connected to it always!

Exploit the endless opportunities offered by today's Social Media...

Are you looking to increase your presence on social media?


At Lativate, we excel in social media management and can help you dominate any social media channel you prefer! Billions of users use social media each day providing a lucrative opportunity to attract more customers and increase your conversions.

Our team specializes in optimizing your marketing and campaigns on various social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Google My Business and more. We can help you attract more traffic by engaging your audience with relevant posts and ads. You can see your followers increasing through honest ways with increased likes, comments and shares.

We have the best copywriters and graphic designers to create the most compelling ads and posts that encourage your fans to take action. Whether your goal is selling a product or getting people to sign up for a course- our team is ready to take on the challenges and emerge victorious by fulfilling your objectives.

We carry out complete social media management from creating your account or pages to driving up engagement for higher conversions. When you choose to leverage social media, there is no one like us to provide the best services at the most affordable rates!

Generate Traffic, Engagement and Brand Awareness

Evolving social media strategies to grow your business

Every day, billions of users check their social media accounts creating far-reaching implications for your business.

So if you are not sharing on Facebook, posting on Twitter or making most of Instagram- you are losing out big time. But we are here to help!

Our social media experts understand the nuances of each network and how to optimize them. We create personalized social media strategies to promote your brand, increase brand awareness and improve conversions. We also create and manage highly-engaging social media ad campaigns on all networks.

Get Social

with your Customers!

Nowadays, social media should be always your "Plan A"!

If you are ignoring social media management function, your competitor isn't, for sure! 

Simply doing it isn't enough, it should be done right!

We create engaging social media content for all the platforms including, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter & Youtube. We promote your brand on all these digital platforms offering limitless opportunities resulting in a higher conversion rate so that you can grow your business & achieve your business goals.

All this done while retaining your distinct brand attributes and strictly following your guidelines. 

Best Return

on your Investment!

Regardless the size of your business and the budget, our carefully and creatively crafted social media campaigns always pay-off!

We know, since we are a business too, costs are a key challenge for all the businesses, A general mis-conception is that higher marketing budget means better results. We just do not demand fat budgets to deliver our results, we are numbers guys too. Within the limited budget, you may have, we put your business right in front of your audience maximizing your return on investment.

We allocate our multi-dimensional human resources - the real humans, not bots - to our client's who know the power of this important tool and how to manage that.

The Lativate

Social Media Advantage

Experience the Power of Social Media... 

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    We identify the best audience for your business and target them effectively. You can attract more visitors through our social media efforts.

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    We help you connect with your audience and engage them with relevant and compelling posts. We directly appeal to your audience's interests for maximum engagement.

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    We help you grow your audience through honest and organic ways. All of your followers are real people who like, comment and share on your posts.

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    Social media gives you the unique opportunity to target a person instead of keywords. You can run successful campaigns by selecting people by their jobs, skills, gender, age, location, hobbies, interests and more!

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    Our social media strategy is designed to drive more traffic to your business. We engage your audience to the fullest to increase your sales and conversions.

Social Media Platforms


Facebook, with its 2 billion active users, offers unlimited opportunities. We develop forward-thinking social media strategies with content curation, contests and more.


Instagram is the best place to promote your products with over 1 billion monthly active users. With 80% users following a brand on Instagram, there's no better place to build your brand awareness.


67% Twitter users are more likely to purchase from brands they follow. You need to be on Twitter to make the most of your potential customers.


The 500 million users on Linkedin unleash the potential to establish your business as a thought leader. You can expand your network and even hire qualified candidates through Linkedin.


Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google. You can post commercials, slideshows, "how-to," "about us" videos and more to attract traffic, increase visibility and improve reputation.


87% users on Pinterest have purchased something based on their interests. We create alluring Pinterest "pins" to attract potential customers and build brand awareness.

Google My Business

Make most of local searches and build credibility by creating Google My Business listing. You can also feature on Google Maps and "3-pack" results for higher visibility.


Lativate is a top social media management agency in Greater Toronto Area serving clients across Canada, US, South America, Asia and Middle East. 

We provide social media management services for small, medium and large businesses. You can request a free consultation about your social media management requirements. We guarantee a highly personalized and effective social media management for your business. 

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