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A "must-have" key to keep pace with smart search engines

What Makes SEO so Important?

Each second, Google processes 63,000 searches and 93% online sessions start with a search engine. In today's smart world, search engines are getting smarter and smarter!

No matter, what industry you operate in, google search has become a key to any information modern user needs.

A consumer or a potential customer prefer to click the search results which are returned through organic search.


With increased competition and complicated rules set by the search engines (like Google or Bing) a smarter SEO is needed.


That means if your business is not featured in the search results, you are losing out big time! People are taking to the internet to find the information they need. Whether it's betting on the first prime minister (John A. Macdonald, if you didn't know!) or finding the right electrician for your home- there is no recourse to search engines.

Search engine optimization or SEO is the secret of connecting your customers to your business. Our team uses proven SEO tactics in combination with best digital practices to increase your traffic and ranking. Putting you on the top of your competitors is our number one priority- as 75% people never go beyond the first page of search results!

You can certainly outsmart your competition by playing by the rules set by the popular search engines like google and bing. SEO cannot give you desired results overnight and there is no magic stick to put you on the first page overnight. It has to be done by a professional who will commit itself for weeks and months to deliver long-lasting results. Once you climb to the first page, it needs continuous maintenance to keep you there.

We have a team of dedicated professionals who handle it for our clients in the most effective manner.



The Lativate SEO Experience


Ranking for popular terms is passé!


Right now, SEO is all about being found at the right moment. Our SEO team uses advanced tactics to generate quality traffic that directly affects your bottom line.

We adopt a very structured and systematic approach to our SEO process. We treat each client uniquely and do not engage with your direct competition. We strive to keep our prices affordable for our customers and do not compromise on the quality of output.

We start with a free assessment of your website and generate a preliminary report, estimated time and costs involved.

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Benefits of SEO with Lativate

1. Increased Quality Traffic

SEO enables you to increase your organic traffic. You can expect quality traffic from search engines which consist of users who are interested in your product or service. When we do SEO for your website, results are permanent. SEO is a continuous process and needs regular maintenance.

As a direct result of smart SEO by our highly talented professionals, you are always one step ahead of your competition.

2. More Leads and Conversions

Search traffic comes with high conversion rates. By featuring your business in search engines, we can prepare you for more conversions.  Your website will see increased traffic through organic search which means more leads which ultimately convert to sales.

When you stop working with us, which is highly unlikely given our service level, the result of our SEO will not drop suddenly.

3. Improved Ranking

The top 5 search results on Google receive 70% clicks. Our efforts help you climb the ladders of ranking and make you stay there! As more pages start to rank, your business also enjoys high authority.

4. Brand Awareness

Being in the top position in search results gives more exposure to your business. As an added advantage, your business is also considered trustworthy. Overall, you can increase brand awareness and brand recognition.

To rank higher on search engines, SEO involves a concerted and coordinated effort between different tools including back-linking, on page optimization, off page optimization, Blog and articles writing, keywords condensed quality web content, listings and many other options.

An effective SEO results in strong brand recognition in the real world. Your customers trust in your products and services by recognizing your brand.

5. Cost-Effective

SEO is a highly cost-effective marketing strategy. You don't need to spend a dime on ads or outbound strategies like cold calling. SEO enables you to target qualified traffic and results in cost savings.

6. Low Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is how quickly visitors leave your website after clicking it. As a result of our SEO efforts, you will see a drop in bounce rate.

Our SEO helps your site to reduce bounce rates. Visitors spend more time on your page which improves your ranking and online reputation.

Drop in a bounce rate means more interested visitors which have higher chances of conversion.


7. Increased Usability

SEO makes your site easier to navigate for search engines. As a result, users also find it easy to locate information and various pages, increasing the usability of your site.

8. Positive User Experience

Optimum site architecture, link arrangement, fast loading speed and other changes generate a positive experience for your visitors.

9. ROI

SEO doesn't only increase your ranking but also improves the ROI of all your marketing efforts. You can also track the ROI for each change made to your site.

10. Trust and Credibility

People trust Google, and a high rank enables your business to build trust and credibility. You can expect more sales and recognition through our SEO efforts.

A Proven SEO Process for Guaranteed Results

Before we start our work, we dedicate enough time to learn about you and your business. Knowing your objectives, business model and audience will help us to develop a fully customized strategy for you.


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