Social Media Management: The Top Tips

Social Media Management: The Top Tips

Social media has become one of the top marketing tools with 3.484 billion users worldwide. Unless you are on social media, you are losing out on countless potential customers and opportunities to grow your business. That's why 77% American small businesses use social media to facilitate key business functions and marketing.

With so many social media platforms, it often becomes challenging to manage your accounts and postings. So we thought of empowering you with the most practical tips to help you manage your social media accounts efficiently with minimum time and effort. Here's how to go about-

Follow Your Customers

Should you target every social media platform you can think of?

The answer, of course, is a resounding "no!" Why?

There were over 60 popular social media platforms last year, and the number is only set to increase. If you want to target all platforms, it's a complete waste of time and you will never be able to manage all those accounts. So what should you do?

The trick is to target the platforms where your potential customers already exist. Consider the following-

● Use Facebook if you are focused on B2C

● LinkedIn is ideal for B2B companies

● eCommerce companies can benefit from Instagram and Pinterest

● Twitter is best for building influence and thought leadership

Pay heed to your customers and find out the platforms they use to select your target.

Use Available Social Media Tools

You can use a wide range of social media tools to manage your accounts from a single interface instead of visiting multiple sites in a day. Here are a few tools you can check out-

  • HootSuite: Manage posts and interactions on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

  • Buffer: Manage and schedule posts on numerous platforms.

  • Sendible: Schedule posts for multiple platforms from a single place.

  • Sprout Social: Ideal for large businesses with advanced features.

Set Up Processes

Create a social media process by including defined tasks to improve the quality and efficiency of your management. A process will help you facilitate repetitive social media activities and document tasks like creating posts, preparing images and publishing blog posts.

You can also make a social media checklist to follow to ensure smooth management.

Delegate Responsibilities Wisely

Don't try to manage all your accounts yourself! It's best to delegate the duties and let multiple people shoulder the social media responsibilities. You can try any of the following strategies-

a)Let a single employee handle your accounts and rotate them on a regular basis (daily or weekly).

b)Divide the responsibilities between multiple people who work simultaneously. Each employee can handle a single platform at a time.

c) Choose brand representatives from your employees and create personal accounts to promote your business.

Most businesses don't use a single person to handle social media; they use teams.

Schedule Posts

You can schedule your posts in advance to gain freedom from constant updating and save time. Create your posts, complete with images and links and schedule them using a tool of your choice (Hint: check the tools we discussed above).

You can dedicate an hour each day to schedule your posts for chosen dates and times.

Final Thoughts

You can use the tips and smart strategies we discussed to manage your accounts without feeling overwhelmed by social media!

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