Myths about SEO - Pitfalls to Avoid!

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION aka SEO is not a choice- it has become a norm.

You need to optimize your business so that users can find you on search engines. SEO generates quality traffic and helps you rank in search engines through a wide range of tactics and methods. With so much going on in the SEO world, it is normal to get confused now and then. On top of that, you have countless SEO agencies making tall claims - just claims!

That gives rise to many SEO myths that are still doing rounds in the business realm. We have prepared this post to help you rise above the myths and get a clear picture of what SEO involves.

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The Top SEO Myths You Believed to be True

Search online, and you will come across some great statements. Here is the thing - if it feels its too good to be true, it probably is. Here are the top SEO myths to stay away from-

Myth No. 1 - We can Guarantee You Top Google Ranking!

Try to steer clear of any SEO agency that guarantees you number one ranking on Google. Truth be told, no one can guarantee your ranking as it fluctuates and beyond the control of any person.

Even Google warns that no one can guarantee you number 1 ranking on Google. The search engine also asks us to be wary of any agency that says they are a Google partner or promise priority submit to Google.

Can anyone guarantee the top ranking on google?

What SEO agencies can do is to follow a sound SEO strategy and do everything necessary to slowly build your ranking. Here are few reasons why guarantees in SEO point to scams.

  • Ranking for specific keywords is not constant and varies from moment to moment

  • Search engines control ranking and it is impractical to guarantee something you cannot control

  • Rankings are not the ideal metric for overall performance

Myth No. 2. - Google Answers Killed SEO

You must have seen that Google now offers snippets of answers for certain search queries. This has led many people to believe that SEO is not important anymore. But that is not the case as only 4.9% of Google searches lead to an answer box.

That means you still need to optimize your website if you wish to generate adequate traffic. Also, 74.3% Google answers contain a link to the website containing the answer. Users also like to click the link and visit websites to get more information on their query.

So, did Google answers killed SEO?

Google answers did not kill SEO but have changed how things worked. You can now create content to feature in the answer snippets and boost your traffic along with traditional SEO methods.

Myth No. 3 - SEO is a One-Time Task

Contrary to popular belief, SEO is not a one-time activity- it's an ongoing process to maintain your optimum performance on search engines. Unless you regularly monitor your performance and tailor your SEO efforts, you are bound to encounter a fall in traffic.

You need a continuous SEO process because,

  • Search engines change their algorithms frequently and you need to adapt

  • You need to publish new pages which require SEO

  • Links can degrade and you have to replace them to avoid negative consequences

  • You need to replace your outdated content

  • Your competitors may move ahead of you

Only a few websites don't need a continual SEO process. For all others, SEO never stops!

Myth No. 4.- Google Hummingbird Dilutes the Relevancy of Keyword Targeting

The Hummingbird update made a total revamp of Google's search algorithm. The whole focus of SEO shifted from creating unique website content to generating unique value for users. That made many people believe keywords are not that vital any more.

In reality, Hummingbird makes keyword research and targeting much easier. Now you don't have to worry about keyword ratio, but need to focus on searcher intent. For instance, when someone searches web hosting for small businesses, you need to find out whether

  • The person wants to purchase hosting

  • He is a newbie who does not have an idea of hosting

  • The searcher is looking for unbiased hosting reviews

Without keywords, you will not be able to find out the searcher intent. So you need to target the right keywords, discover the searcher intent and then create SEO content to make the most of it.

Myth No. 5. - Long Form Content Means Top Rankings

There is a belief that writing long form content automatically means a high ranking. It's true that the top positions in Google SERPs are long-form content, hovering around 2,000-words mark. But it is not sufficient to just write 3,000 words and hope for it to rank.

Google has over 200 ranking factors and those also include metrics like bounce rates, dwelling time on a page and more. So your content should always provide value to the users and keep the searcher intent in mind. You should also work to get more editorial links.

Long form content can boost your ranking only when they provide more value than your

competitors and engage your users to spend time on your page.

Myth No. 6. - Social Signals Do not Matter for SEO

Although a like on your Facebook post won't boost your ranking, social signals do contribute towards your traffic and compliment your SEO efforts.

A post which has been shared by authority users can increase your search traffic. Also, Google and other search engines use social data to determine your ranking and relevancy.

The best way to boost your ranking is to use a combination of blogging and social media. Social signals can specifically help you to

  • Promote content and increase your links and share

  • Get discovered by search engines

  • Improve indexation

Final Thoughts - SEO Myths

Keeping yourself up to date about SEO will help you to stay away from the myths. You should also follow what industry leaders are saying to determine what works and what does not.

By working with a quality digital marketing agency, you can avoid all SEO myths and create a clear cut way to improved ranking and high traffic.

Disclaimer: This blog is written at a certain date as mentioned above. Due to continuous changes in algorithms and rules by search engines, you should always contact directly to the writer of this blog, Lativate.

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