How to get the right SEO Link Juice- The Top Tips

How to get the right SEO Link Juice- The Top Tips

Link juice is crucial for SEO and one of the top ranking factors in Google. Without proper backlinks, you can never expect to rank your website on SERPs. So how do you get the right SEO link juice?

By getting authority sites to link to your website! Sounds simple, right? But how do you actually get those links?

This post is all about getting the right link juice to improve the ranking of your website.

Make the Most of Guest Blogging

Blogs help you generate 55% more website visitors and 97% more inbound links. Guest blogging has emerged as one of the top and free ways to derive great link juice. You can identify various blogs related to your niche and approach them to host your blogs.

Here are a few tips to help you out-

● Head to Google to find blogs you can approach

● Use your target keyword or blog name to find sites that accept guest posts

● Contact them and request to host your post

Before you start typing-

● Research the blog audience

● Read some posts to get an idea of the content you can write

Make Your Content Link-Worthy

Not all content gets the same number of backlinks or shares. You can include specific elements in your content to increase the likelihood of other sites linking to you. Here are a few ideas you can try-

Use infographics: Infographics generate 37% more backlinks compared to blog posts and have increased 800% more in demand. Use more infographics in your blogs and articles so that people naturally use them and link back to your site.

Mention influencers: You can get more link juice by mentioning influencers in your content. That way, the influencers themselves will share the content and earn you more links. Other sites may also link to your content and result in more backlinks.

Exploit Broken Links

This is an old tactic that still works today! You scan your target website for broken links (links that don't work) and ask the owner to replace them with your link. You can use an online tool like Check My Links to discover broken links and then send an email to the owner with something like-

"Hello X,

I was going through your post and came across a link (link X) that doesn't work.

I really liked your post and want to help you fix it. You can use my content on the topic (link) to replace the link and avoid search engine penalties.

Best Wishes,


Stay honest and don't turn your request into a marketing message!

Create Quality Content

You can also earn link juice naturally by encouraging people to link to your posts and articles. That means your content should be meaningful and serve people's needs. Only then people will use your information and provide a back link to your site on their own content.

Final Thoughts

Always look for authoritative websites for generating link juice. Search engines don't put any importance on low-reputation sites, so it's best to stay away from them!

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