Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Engagement

dos and don'ts of facebook engagement

The key to winning over your audience on Facebook is to engage them through your posts. Once your followers start interacting with you, they will feel a growing bond with your company.

Increasing your Facebook engagement can be tricky if you do not know how to go about it. Social media can overwhelm with the sheer number of possibilities that it offers. We have listed the most common Do-s and Don’t-s to help you.

The Do’s for Facebook Management:

1. Let your personality show:

You should use social media to connect with your audience on a human level. There would be no point of being on Facebook if you do not humanize your brand online. You must portray yourself to be relocatable and empathetic.

2. Be visual:

There is no doubt that words are important, but social media is largely visual. You need to put up engaging images and videos with all your posts so that more people become keen to read them. The visual aids help to grab your audience's attention.

3. Ask questions:

One of the great advantages of having a Facebook page is that it allows you to ask questions to your audience. Getting to know them better will give you a comprehensive idea of what they want from you.

Social media requires a two-way conversation in order to be effective. Get in touch with your prospective customers and earn better Facebook engagement along with valuable insight.

4. Analyze what people want:

Facebook will overload you with information about what your customers want from you. The diagnostics allow you to give your time and energy to the kind of Facebook posts that create maximum engagement. You can easily access the Insights tab and analyze the pattern of the likes, comments, and shares.

5. Ask for fan content:

Your customers would love to join your journey actively. Soliciting fan content and displaying them on your Facebook page gives you better engagement because the audience has an added incentive to interact with you. Moreover, you will not have to create content by yourself.

6. Be crisp:

If you want to hold on to your audience as they are reading a post, you need to keep your content simple. Flowery texts with elaborate imagery will only test their patience. You should use a minimal amount of text and imagery. As long as you incorporate phrases and ideas which match your buyers; persona, you will do great.

7. Show appreciation for followers:

Everybody likes to be shown how much they are loved. Customers can easily detect the difference between a brand which simply wants to promote their products through Facebook and one that actually loves its followers. Needless to say, the latter is much more attractive. Take some time out to respond to both positive and negative comments. Be humble. Like and share posts made by fans which mention your brand by name. Offer special discounts at times to attract more viewers.

8. Schedule Facebook Live Streams:

The recent live stream feature that has been added to Facebook allows you to take your audience into an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek. Pay close attention to the comments when you are on Facebook.

Live"s : so you can respond to them immediately. Do not make it seem staged because viewers appreciate raw, unfiltered streams more.

9. Respond to personal messages:

Facebook offers an Auto-Reply Feature which you can use to reply immediately. You can also use Messenger Bots to improve customer service on Facebook.

10. Engage with competitors:

Tapping into the audience of competing brands will give you higher visibility and widen your customer base. You need to employ tact because other brands will soon figure out your intentions if you keep spamming them, Build the relationship slowly and just work on audience engagement.

11. Invite feedback:

Followers will always be ready to give you necessary feedback as long as you phrase the request correctly.

The Don’ts for Facebook Management:

1. Ignore the About section of your page:

Your customers will want to know more about you so they can take a decision as to whether they should invest in you. When you deprive them of basic information about your company, it comes across as suspicious. The About section of your page gives you a voice, and you will be able to create an identity for yourself through your words.

2. Overdo your sales pitches:

Facebook is definitely meant to help you accelerate sales, but you must be considerate. Using the Facebook page to promote and push your products all the time will annoy potential customers. Your priority should be to build lasting relationships with your followers.

3. Sound mechanical:

Facebook might be a social media platform that you can access virtually, but you must be warm towards your viewers. Your posts should be worded carefully because robotic language puts off customers.

4. Give excessive hashtags:

Hashtags are a double-edged sword. One one hand, they make it really easy for people to locate your posts and your page when they search for a particular hashtag that you have used. Studies have shown that Facebook posts that do not have hashtags succeed in getting maximum engagement. The key is to use the hashtags judiciously.

5. Let your feed become negative:

When a customer reaches out to you regarding a problem they are facing on the public page, contact them privately using Facebook chat. You can also ask them to send a direct email which would allow you to handle the concern directly. You should try to keep your feed as positive as possible to attract more viewers.

6. Fall into the trap of engagement-bait:

Your viewers are intelligent, and they will be able to figure out when they are being tricked into engaging with you. If you want more people to engage with your page, you should use your original ideas instead of using clickbait. You will start losing your audience once they figure out what you are doing.

7. Be restrictive about the frequency and content of your posts:

In order to find your perfect rhythm on Facebook, you need to be open to experimenting with the frequency and content of your posts. Try posting at different times of the day till you figure what brings you the best engagement. You will have to vary your strategy based on the audience you are trying to reach.

Take the correct decisions and unlock the vast business potential offered by Facebook. Engage with your audience freely and focus on building a loyal customer base. Quality is more important than quantity in this case.

Though Facebook social media management is seemingly an easy-to-do-job for most of entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses BUT it-is-not-so. A lot of small business owners and new entrepreneurs, even seasoned ones, fall in to this trap of easy-to-do-job and this is where the power of effective social media management comes in to play. Often, it is too late to rectify the damage caused by mis-management of Facebook pages. Both Facebook platform management and community management are important functions, hence, hiring an employee specializing in Social media management is critical but it is not always cost effective.

Lativate is a digital marketing agency located in GTA area providing social media management and marketing services to businesses in Canada, United States, Asia and Middle East. Consulting is always free, so, don't hesitate to call or drop a line.

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