Does SEO Really Work? A Detailed Analysis & Useful Insights.

Does SEO Actually Work?

(Detailed Analysis + Useful Insights)

One question we often come across as an SEO agency is- "does SEO really work?"

If you look around, you shouldn't be asking this question. It's true that SEO has got a somewhat questionable reputation due to the dodgy tactics of some dishonest agencies- but it's still one of the most important factors to ensure the success of your business.

So the answer is yes, SEO does really work! It gives you more traffic and if done properly, leads to more conversions and sales. You don’t need to spend on an ad budget every time to get more customers. Instead, even if you don’t spend as much, you will see a constant streamline of visitors – people who are interested in what you’ve to offer.

In this post, we will find out all about why SEO is important, and how you can make the most of it. But first, a let's give you a brief overview of SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is a wide range of methods you can use to improve your ranking on Google and other search engines. SEO agencies use various methods like keyword targeting, increasing dwelling times and site speed to boost your ranking.

Search engines determine the rank of a website based on on-page elements and off-page elements. On-page elements include factors of your website you can optimize such as keywords, structure and meta-descriptions. Off-page elements include link building, creating citations, and so on. You can increase your rank by leveraging both your on-page and off-page elements.

A high rank ensures a position on the first page of search results, increasing the likelihood that someone clicks on your website. In short, SEO gives you exposure and expands your reach.

What Makes SEO So Important?

SEO is a cost-effective and reliable way of putting yourself on top of the search results in a search engine. Why is getting a high rank important?

Consider how you behave when you perform a search. Do you scroll 2-3 pages or choose a website from the first page? Without waiting for your answer, we can say that most people will never go past the first page when they search. In fact, statistics show that 90% of people never go beyond the first search page result!

Being on the first page increases the chances of someone clicking on your website. The users are interested in your product or service as they have performed the search. That means they have a strong potential for conversion, and ultimately will lead to more sales.

With over 63,000 searches on Google per second, SEO provides a huge potential to generate quality traffic. Let's take a look at some pointers which tell you why SEO is important-

  • 93% of all traffic is generated from search engines

  • 66% of specific search queries lead to one or more clicks

  • Search engines account for 300% more traffic compares to social media

  • 60% of people click on the top three websites in search results

  • Leads from SEO have a 14.6% close rate compared to other outbound leads

Without SEO, you will be pushed to the end of the search results and no one will discover your business. You need SEO to stay on top of search results and your competitors!

How to Make SEO Work?

Now the question shifts from "does SEO really work" to "how to make SEO work for you."

To succeed in SEO, you need to have a grip on the continually-changing search engine algorithms. That's not an easy task, as Google changes its algorithm around 500 to 600 times in a year. On top of that, there are over 200 factors that affect your ranking.

So anyone wishing to get a good ranking has to consider countless factors to get positive results. Also, an SEO strategy that worked five years back will have very little chances of succeeding today. You need to stay on top of updated guidelines and best practices and implement them to make SEO work.

The only time SEO doesn't work is when you don't do it correctly. Many SEO agencies try to game Google or take shortcuts, which gives way to the perception that it doesn't work.

Also, SEO takes time to show its progress. How fast you can see the results depends on several factors- the health of your website, how long it has been there, how much SEO you have already done, the quality of content and more.

You may even need to overhaul your website before SEO can begin, so the results may take months to come. Most SEO agencies will say that it takes 4 to 6 months for the results to appear. We agree with them and want to add that once you start seeing the results, they will only grow with each passing day!

SEO is a long-term marketing strategy, and not a means to generate sales quickly. Unless you can budget for 6 to 12 months of SEO, it's better not to invest at all as you will be throwing away your money. You should also have realistic expectations and understand that patience is crucial in SEO.

So, if you want to plan for the long haul, SEO can provide you with the best ROI among other marketing tactics.

Its important to know common SEO myths and the pitfalls to avoid. Read here.

Final Thoughts on "Does SEO really work?"

You need someone who is well aware of the nuances of SEO and the best practices in the industry. When someone undertakes SEO with the above qualities, it is bound to work! Don't go for cheap SEO agencies who promise you the stars in the first month; choose someone ready to put their hard work and committed to the long-term success of your business.

Lativate is a dedicated SEO agency that uses only honest and white hat techniques to grow your rank and traffic. Help us power you to greater heights. We offer some of the best and comprehensive SEO strategies you can expect, from link building to content writing and more.

Get it done right!

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