Building Brand identity: The Guide You Need to Read

Are you looking to build a strong brand identity?

Your brand identity is the element that sets you apart from the competition, helps you to communicate with your audience and create an experience that encourages people to engage with your brand. Brand identity includes several factors like your logo, trademark, name, visual appearance and more.

Today, we will reveal some advanced tips to help you develop a strong brand identity. You will be able to create a name for yourself and put your brand before the world for maximum exposure.

Get to Know Your Audience

You are building a brand identity for your potential customers. It's imperative that you know their preferences and needs before you decide which way to go. Try to find out what makes your audience click, why they will buy your product and other important details.

Then develop your brand image based on the insights you derived.

Designing Brand Identity

You can think of your brand identity as a visual language you use to communicate with your audience. Brand identity includes several elements like-

● Logo

● Colors

● Illustration

● Images

● Iconography

● Typography

● Web design

● Data visualization

You should design your brand identity elements to work for both your customers and internal team. Pay attention to the following before you begin designing-

● Your brand identity should catch people's attention

● It should be distinct, setting you apart from the competition

● Make your brand identity easily memorable (like the Apple icon)

● Your design should align with your brand message

Maintain a Consistent Brand Image

Visual appearance is really crucial for your brand identity. You should come up with a consistent look for all your profiles, social media accounts and landing pages. We don't mean to say you should keep everything same, but do preserve a consistent appearance to make your brand recognizable.

● Use similar color schemes and typography across all visuals and messages

● Use the same theme for all pages of your website

● Align your messages to your brand strategy

A consistent brand image helps people recognize you instantly, building brand identity.

Blog at Will

Blogs are great for building brand identity because-

● They help you rank well in search engines and increase exposure

● Blogs are ideal for promoting on social media to grow brand identity

● You can build brand identity by promoting brand message through blogs

Blogs let you take on different forms like tutorials, how-to posts, industry interviews and more to broadcast your brand message. Your audience comes to know about your brand message, which allows you to strengthen your brand identity.

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Using Social Media to Build Brand Identity

Social media is one of the best resources to build brand identity and get yourself out there! Here are a few tips to keep in mind-

● Add social links in your blogs, emails and communications to help people find you

● Engage with your followers through comments, forums, chats and groups

● Share great posts with good content

● Spice up your posts- use images, videos, GIFs and more

● Keep all social media appearance and messages consistent

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Final Thoughts

Developing your brand identity is a multi-faceted process. Take help of our guide and see what your customers are saying to build a strong brand identity. You can do it yourself... Yes, You can!

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