Face-to-Face Marketing

Face-to-Face marketing is a direct interaction between a company and its customers, or potential customers, who are interetsed to know more about its products. It is not uncommon to see this kind of marketing in shopping malls, exhibitions, conferences or even in streets where businesses set up their booths to interact directly with their customers. As a result customers can visualize or experience the product, or know more about the products and services right from the business's own brand ambassador.

Since these positions are of temporary nature and its challenging to find quality human resources to fill in such positions. We, at Lativate, understand the requirements and person's specifications for such roles from our customer and then match the same from our database of carefully selected staff.

Who to hire?

The biggest challenge business faces for face-to-face marketing is to find quality human resources. Since, most of time, these are short term roles finding such a resource is similar to a needle in haystack. 

We are often swayed by our emotions and make buying decisions based on our interaction with the sales person, agent or brand ambassador.

Physical appearance, communication skills and brand-congruent attitude are a few of the specifics of such a resource.

We understand from you your exact requirement and provide the resources who match that criteria.

Great tactics,

always deliver!

Great tactics of experienced and trained individuals always deliver the results targetted by businesses.

Combine it with Digital Marketing

Combine face-to-face marketing with digital marketing. Record the magical and spontaneous moments created by your representatives, share them online and drive more traffic to your store, event or website.

It all comes down to that talented person!

Let us know what do you need? 

We won't disappoint you!

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