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A Picture is Worth Thousand Words; an Appealing Product Picture is Worth Thousand Clicks!

A stunning picture sells more products. When your customers are spoilt with choices, a high-quality product picture makes the difference between a sale and an abandoned cart!

At Lativate, we specialize in product photoshoots for print, online, websites, eCommerce platforms, catalogues and more. Our team is adept at translating your products into the work of arts that entice and attract customers.

We handle photoshoot of all sorts of products including jewelry, food menu, apparels, electronics, antiques, consumer goods- anything and everything that you sell! We have helped countless clients increase their sales with high-quality photographs. We are experts at capturing the USP of your products and translating them into real-life stories.

We create a curiosity that encourages your customers to take action.

Our team will also edit, enhance and prepare the pictures for instant uploading. You can mail us your products and guidelines and we will send you back the photos in quick turnaround time.

Video Shoot

Create Stunning Product Videos for More Sales

Creative product videos generate curiosity and enlighten your customers about your product. No matter the industry, a cutting-edge product video can generate awareness and increase your sales.

Our team of talented video makers know how to make heads turn and set you apart from the competition. We create high-quality, professional videos for eCommerce platforms like Amazon and Shopify, social media, websites and other channels.

Creative Solutions for Business Needs

You can always expect innovative and impactful videos that showcase your offerings in the best possible manner. We create appealing infotainment videos for-

  • Introducing your products to your target audience

  • Highlighting the features and benefits of your products

  • Generating awareness and building reputation

  • Educating your audience about your product

We use creative techniques and various styles like animations to present your products in the best light. Whether you are pitching to a customer or selling online, our product videos can go a long way to increase traffic and conversions.

Our team is experienced in working with multiple industries and can create the best videos whether you sell clothes, electronics, food items, toys or IT products. Our team will shoot the videos, edit them, add voice over and choose the perfect music to go along.

Let Us Handle Your Product Video Shoot

You don't have to do anything in order to enjoy our video shooting services. You can just mail your products and instructions to us. We will then shoot the video, edit and send it to you through digital means. Each of our videos is created with your needs in mind whether it is increasing traffic, generating leads, leveraging conversions or increasing ROI.

Get in touch with our team to discuss your video project.

Your Convenience is our Pleasure!

Send your products by mail. No Need to visit in person. Expand this text. 

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